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                           The Tecumseh Bridge at Edgewater Avenue                                                                        

 Tecumseh Bridge - Fort Wayne - Indiana

The Tecumseh Street Bridge meets the rivergreenway bikepath at Edgewater Avenue. The city of Fort Wayne is to be congratulated on their decision to replace the crumbling balusters on this bridge with replicas of the old ones instead of
what they did near Lakeside Park which you see in these photos.

The next photo shows a closeup of these balusters looking toward downtown. However, if I had not cropped the picture youíd be seeing a large low-hanging powerline like the one in the top photo.

 Tecumseh Street Bridge Balusters Restoration

To get to this bridge from downtown, go east on Main St. to the end where it tees at Clay. If youíre on a bike, cross Clay St. and take the sidewalk/bikepath over the Columbia St. Bridge and turn right. Youíre now on the bike path that follows Edgewater Avenue along the Maumee River. For a while, trees hide your view of the water as you see the next photo.

 Bikepath on Edgewater Ave. -- Fort Wayne

After you pass the trees, you have a view of the river with the Tecumseh Street Bridge in the distance during the time of renovation.  Those trees between the bridge and the bikepath no longer exist, which is why I was able to snap the first photo on this page.

 Bikepath leading to Tecumseh Bridge

As you look at the above picture of the neighborhood beside the bikepath and the river, ask yourself these questions: Why donít I see any boats or canoes? Why arenít people biking or walking or skateboarding on this smooth paved path? Is this part of the rivergreenway restricted? Was this picture taken during an unnatural calm before all humans disappeared from the city? To reinforce my questions, consider this. I once talked with a couple who actually phoned the city offices to ask if it was illegal to use a boat or canoe on the river. Iím not kidding. They really did
that. Iíll give you no answers right now on the first few questions, but I will say that the people who phoned the city offices were told it is not illegal to use a boat or canoe on the river. I remember chuckling when I heard this story because for the 30+ years Iíve lived here, Iíve rarely seen a boat or canoe on the river.
So itís probably about time to listen to the theme song from the old TV series, The Twilight Zone.

Tecumseh Bridge Update: Nov. 3, 2013 - I drove over the bridge today and noticed something that suggests I may have been premature in congratulating the City of Fort Wayne on the bridge restoration. A Journal Gazette article, dated July 28, 2013, (which is no longer available on their site) told of a young man who lost his life when, for some unknown reason, he apparently lost control of his car and drove through a section of the west balustrade and plunged into the river. That article had a photo showing the damage. Today, the missing balusters have been replaced, not with more balusters, but with the same kind of metal you see here on Columbia Ave. between the Lakeside lagoons. I hope that ďpatchĒ is temporary, but the metal beside the Columbia Ave. bridge has been there for more than two years.

November 7, 2013 - Update: Two more people have died after their truck crashed through another section of the west balustrade on the Tecumseh Bridge. There seems to be something of a mystery about why this tragedy and the one mentioned above happened. If youíre familiar with this bridge, you might wonder, too. It seems strange. Regarding repairs, according to the report, ď... officials will consider fixing the damage during a weekend or after the North Anthony bridge is finished in the spring.Ē (That was the quote from a news report no longer available.)  To me, that sounds iffy, but time will tell. My question is, will they also remove the unsightly guardrails on Columbia Ave? Or do they plan to install guardrails along every residential street in Fort Wayne? Just kidding. But you never know?  Do you want them on your street?

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