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Biking Around the Lakes of Northern Indiana

Leaving the bike path...

           Biking Around Lakes of Northern Indiana

How about a nice change of scenery, and low traffic conditions?

The narrow roads that weave around the perimeter of Northern Indiana's lakes are a pleasant venue for biking and sightseeing.  A few cars, primarily driven by lake house residents and their
friends, meander over these curving, shady lanes. If you like to check out summer homes and cabins, old and new, and enjoy a lake view from many vantage points, biking is a delight, especially in the late afternoon and early evening.

Pokagon State Park on Lake James

One hour north of Fort Wayne, just off interstate 69, you'll find a number of these lakes near Angola.  A major one, James, is only a mile or so from the exit, and Pokagon State Park borders this lake, though many private homes also line the shore. 

The Potawatomi Inn, below, ( hotel and restaurant) is inside the park and looks more like a resort than a government run facility. 

Potawatomi Inn - Pokagon State Park - Lake James


Potawatomi Inn - Lake James - Angola , Indiana

Outside Potawatomi Inn- Restaurant - Lake James - Angola, Indiana


Lake James - View from Potawatomi Inn, Pokagon State Park - Angola, Indiana 


Here are houses on Lake James outside the state park.

Backwater at Lake James - Indiana


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