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Forts of Fort Wayne - historical info. - wikipedia

Fort Wayne - Everything you ever wanted to know about the city - at Wikipedia

The Genealogical Department of the Allen County Public Library
in Fort Wayne is considered second only to the Family History Library in
Salt Lake City, Utah, and has the largest historical genealogical collection
in a public library. Visit their
website here.

Allen County Public Library - main website - with online catalog search.

Lawton Skatepark on the Rivergreenway - Fort Wayne, Indiana -
Youtube video
of Tony Hawk Skating at Lawton
. ( Skatepark design - Lawton Park )

Izic DeSanto skating at Lawton


Fort Wayne
Children's Zoo website

Tin caps and Fort Wayne baseball history

Fort Wayne Tin Caps Baseball team website

Canlan Ice Sports rink on the north side of the city.

Rivergreenway Bike Path Photos - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Rivergreenway Info. page with
maps and details at The Fort Wayne Parks Dept.

Fort Wayne History Museum -
Fort Wayne Historical Society website

Fort Wayne Allen County Memorial Coliseum - major events, concerts, etc.


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