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Biking Anxieties, Fears, Aches & Pains Can Be Relieved More Quickly Than You Think!   

Is your biking experience being ruined by anxiety, physical pain, fear, or negative emotional
issues? Does anxiety related to travel or social interaction often overwhelm you?  If so, a non- medical solution youíve probably never heard of can help in a surprising way. Glance over the following list of problems and see if you identify with something:

1.) Do you have knee pain, back pain or other aches that interfere with your biking experience?

2.) Did you have a bad bicycle accident that caused you to hold onto fear about biking? Are you emotionally upset by something in your life not associated with biking that can and often does ruin your biking pleasure? Here Iím talking about issues like grief, depression, resentments, angers, fear of open spaces, fear of meeting strangers, you name it.

3.) Do you harbor any over-the-top fears or anxieties related specifically to biking, or travel in general?

4) Do you bike with your family or group, where one or more members would benefit from a fast way to dispense with biking fears? For instance, do you have a child whose fears prevent him from learning how to ride without training wheels? Does a friend have a phobia related to crossing bridges, etc.?

5) Do you get super-upset by attitudes of people with whom you go biking?

6.) Do you feel over-the-top anxieties related to biking on the Fort Wayne Rivergreenway because of itís seclusion? (even though criminal activity on the bike path is rare?)

All of these issues and more can be helped with a self-help technique called EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. This simple process can often relieve or erase an over-the-top fear or emotional upset in a short time, sometimes in minutes. And I'm saying it can even erase a LIFELONG fear or trauma that counselors or therapists failed to relieve.

Of course, we sometimes harbor hidden motives outside our conscious mind. For example: Letís say your spouse is an avid bike rider and you're not. Off and on for 20 years he's tried to interest you in biking, but you wonít go. You say you just don't enjoy riding a bike. Is that the truth? Or are you fooling yourself? Why don't you enjoy riding?  Is it that you once took a bad spill and are still carrying anxiety about it happening again, even though it happened when you were 12? Or maybe a family member was killed in a biking accident that planted an unnatural fear of biking in you? Or perhaps the issue is more subtle. You think itís not a fear at all, but rather a preference for walking or riding in a car. Whatís the real reason you donít want to go biking?

A lot of emotional stuff compounds why we cling to viewpoints we often state matter-of-factly. In other words, there may be more to the story than youíre aware of. Now, imagine learning a fast technique to change how you feel and think about riding a bicycle and all aspects related to biking or travel. Of course this would only interest you if you want to change. Changing must be fueled by a genuine desire. So itís up to you.

Iíll repeat what I said before. EFT can often relieve all kinds of negative emotional trauma and baggage faster than traditional counseling and talk therapy. And youíre the one in the driverís seat. Since it's a self-help technique, once you learn it, you can even teach it to your family and friends.

For details ... visit to learn more about how to erase emotional upset, sometimes in minutes.

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