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Why? Well, reason #1 - Most of it’s out of sight along the banks of three rivers except in a few places. Reason #2 - Only a few people go there. See for yourself. Bike a few miles and count the people who pass you. Reason #3 - A limited number of people show up with a camera, perhaps because physical exercise is their focus. In 10 years, I've rarely seen anyone taking photos. So, here I am with my picture galleries to demonstrate to Fort Wayne residents that those of you who love nature can - if you want to - find a little bit of country without leaving the city. Be sure to visit
my index page to see what else is here. This website is all about attractive photos of Fort Wayne’s Rivergreenway, but as it grows you might be surprised what you’ll find.

               Is this the real reason for the construction of the Rivergreenway?

Signs along the Rivergreenway you won’t see

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